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17 December 2016

A letter of thanks from Rob Jennings

Article by Ryan Brown

Dear Aaron Lewis Foundation 

To try and express my gratitude for all of the help given to me by the Foundation since coming to Rochford seems impossible. Since day one, Barry has supported me without judgement.
I have been wrestling with diagnosed depression and PTSD for 23 years and have had 8 years of not working because of believing that I am not capable of doing anything and didn’t want to mess people about. Since leaving Forces in 1995, I have not worked for longer than 8 months in any job.
Barry has supported me through single days of work, wrestling with my mental health, and steadily building it up to regular working.
After a spell of managing 5 days at a time, I began to feel ready for more work, motivated by my passion for yacht life and sailing. 
He has always been there, in every moment. A constant point of contact, always available during my lesser occurring wobbles. I felt strong enough to qualify myself as an electrician, and embarked on an intensive course.
This strength can only have come from having a decent support network. One, I hasten to add, that national veterans support networks have failed to provide. Barry and Helen have been and continue to be a very important part of my life. 
On completion of my course, Barry and Helen organised to purchase my electrician’s tools; this is accelerating me into my new career path. I cannot thank Barry, Helen and the Aaron Lewis Foundation enough, but I hope this letter gives some kind of indication of the gratitude that I can nowhere near express.
Barry, you are a great friend and an absolute diamond.
Rob Jennings